Pretty good backyard birding yesterday!

It was a good morning yesterday. We had just arrived the night before from our trip to AZ and I was feeling a little jet lagged. I took my Land O’ Lakes hot chocolate, a magazine, and my camera to the porch and just hung out for an hour. Lots of little visitors came and went. I got some nice shots of some of our frequent flyers. Do you have a favorite? 🙂

17 thoughts on “Pretty good backyard birding yesterday!”

  1. You have lots of beautiful birds indeed. I just love spring. I just love to hear birds sing.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Princess Gail. 🙂

    1. Princess Gail get ALL the credit! The system is from Wild Birds Unlimited. You can get a basic pole to screw into the ground, and the baffles to keep the squirrels and raccoons away, and after that add arms to the pole and different kinds of feeders. The different feeders and different seed/food attract different birds. It’s a skill and an art to figure out what works in your own backyard habitat. Gail tweaks it all the time. She would be a fount of knowledge if you want more info.

  2. I’m really interested in your set up here. We took down some of our feeders because the big ugly birds were chasing out the pretty songbirds which is what we enjoy the most. Do you have problems with starlings and gackles?

    1. We don’t get starlings but we do get grackles on and off. Gail discourages them in several ways. Grackles don’t like safflower, so when they start to show up she switches out the seed to include safflower seeds. They are big birds, so she will also switch out the feeders to smaller ones that don’t give the grackles a perch to access the seed/food. Also, they spook easily, so we knock on the windows and call them bad names. Gail says “f*%^#rs” works the best. 😉

      1. LOL we do that too (knocking on windows and swearing). We also switched to safflower seed exclusively except for the finch feeders. That did seem to help. It’s a never ending battle keeping out the intruders so we can enjoy the pretty ones.

    1. Yeah, they are cute! We get a bunch of them, and they are in their full mating color right now. (I’m working on my mating tan right now, to see if I can attract Gail.) 😉

  3. I recognize the feeder carnival from photo #1 from previous bird pics. It’s my favorite because the birds always seem to be having so much fun visiting there. Your bird collection delights me! ; )

    1. Yep, same feeders, different day! Gail changes them out on and off for different reasons, but it’s always the same basic system. All the above pictures are birds somewhere on the feeder. This day was great for pictures because the morning light was beautiful!

  4. Wow. A jungle gym for birds. No wonder you have so many. And such a variety. They’re all beautiful. My favorite bird is the hummer. Hard to photograph though.

    1. Hey, Jayne!
      We get Ruby-throated hummingbirds around here, and they made their return to our window feeder last week. I bet you get really nice hummers in Cali.

    1. The Brown Thrasher is a cool bird. Big and strong! It’s common in low brush around here, and we’re glad he comes to the feeder once in a while!

  5. OK, I need you to come to the beach house, bring the whole family, and bring your bird book!! I need you to help me identify!!! My favorite part of the day is the morning, out on the deck with my coffee. The birds are very active and I love watching the different types and hearing their calls. Today I identified a tree swallow that had babies in a nest box at the neighbors. But there are two others I can’t figure out! One in particular is small and looks like someone air brushed the front of it with a quick squirt of red paint with a hint of pink. The head and breast are red and you can see some red under the wings on top, but the wings are gray with a hint of white stripe to them… so gorgeous but I can’t find it anywhere!

    1. Gail and I plan another beach trip sometime this summer, and birding will certainly be part of it. I would love for us all to get together at that time! That would be really fun!
      The morning time is always the best for birds (and the worst for worms! LOL)
      I’m gonna guess you’re talking about a House Finch. I’ll email you with more info.

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