7 thoughts on “Pinehurst pileated woodpecker”

  1. I really like your new header a lot. Wow, that’s beautiful and so is Gail. Just saying.

    I love to listen to a woodpecker work. Very much so. How fun.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  2. Sandee, Dawn, and Kate~
    Thank you! It was a little thrill for us to see this woodpecker. We get a lot of downy woodpeckers at our birdfeeder, and an occasional red-bellied woodpecker, but you only see these large, beautiful pileateds in the wild.

  3. We have these beautiful red-headed woodpeckers too; only ours have shorter beaks (maybe the trees are all younger out here in California). I’m always amazed by the lovely sights I behold while on the golfcourse!

    1. I so agree. There is something beautiful at every turn!
      It was so hot during this golf trip that we had the course almost all to ourselves! We really enjoyed the beauty which seemed to be there just for us!

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