My Life, Rated

I was truly surprised by this. I just rated my life using the Rate My Life Self-Help Quiz and came out much better than I would have predicted! I especially scored high in the “Spirit” area. Go figure! After you do the quiz (and I invite you all to try it, it only takes a few minutes) then you can compare yourself to the hundreds of thousands of others who have already taken it. I’m grateful to have love in my life. But I have to work on relationships with family and friends. It didn’t ask about eFriends, and I know they count! ; )


I never expected to establish meaningful relationships with my blogging. It came as a wonderful surprise. There are a few particular people out there, and you know who you are, who have become a part of my life. Sure it is nebulous, and probably fleeting, but so are many real life encounters. And sometimes more is said in the written word, in the anonymity of the blogoshpere, than one would venture face to face. I have made eFriends of various backgrounds and interests, much different from my own. I have learned a lot, even about myself.

So today I simply want to say thank you to the beautiful people out there who have enriched my life! I think we are here to help each other, each in our own unique way.


Uh-oh. Yesterday it was hot chocolate, Diet Coke and Mentos. Now it’s Scrabulous. These are fun things in my life that I’m grateful for, but they are bordering on addiction.

We play through facebook. Princess Gail and I probably play a game daily. We also play with any number of our facebook friends. So if you’re on facebook, add us as a friends, and we’ll challenge you to a game of Scrabulous.

If you notice, there is a little text box on the lower right hand side of the Scrabulous window. That’s so you can have some real time conversation with a friend who might be in another state, country or continent. But Gail and I are usually sitting right next to each other on the couch, watching TV and playing our game on our laptops. The other day, instead of just talking to me, she used the text box to tell me something about her day. I chatted back, “We used to talk. What happened to us?” Still, I’m glad we play. Gail is probably gladder, because she usually kicks my Scrabulous butt! Just a warning, don’t play her for money!

Hot Chocolate

This might be a pretty lame thing to be grateful for, but it is a daily joy for me, all year round. It can be 90 sweltering degrees outside, and you can count on me getting my daily fix.

I have a few small things like that in my life. I also look forward to my Diet Cokes and my Mentos (but not together!) Substitutes will not do. It’s a minor irritation at the restaurant when I ask for Diet Coke and the waitress asks, “Pepsi alright?” Even more so if I ask for lime with it and they ask, “Is lemon okay?” Yes, life can be hard sometimes.

So today, I’m grateful for all the little things that bring me moments of joy and pleasure. There are loads of them, if I just take the time to notice.