Our First Visitors!! My Parents!! Woohoo!!

We haven’t been in North Carolina for long, but my parents already decided to come visit us, making the long drive from Toledo to Winston all by themselves. Not bad for 80 years old, hey? I’ll share a few pictures from the great weekend we just had.





I am very grateful for my parents!  They have been amazingly supportive for all of my life!!!

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  1. Hi Kanani!

    We live in a very nice place, but the pictures are from a cabin I rented for the occasion, at the top of a mountain close to Asheville, with a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge in all its glory! The last picture was taken at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

    It was exhausting for them, but they indeed loved the visit. And I loved having them!

  2. Keli~

    Ah, thank you! I really am grateful, on so many levels. Three friends of mine lost parents this past year. My father has been in the hospital twice in the past month! Yet here they are! We are all old enough to appreciate the moments.


    The view from the mountain is indescribably beautiful. Truly awesome!


    I know, right!? My mom and dad have always loved going through old buildings, and my dad loves the history of a place. We did some good exploration of the 18th century Moravian roots of Winston-Salem, and then the amazing story of the Vanderbilts and Biltmore. I know… we are a family of nerds. What do they say… the NUT doesn't fall too far from the tree!

  3. Hi Ferd! I love this website! I'm so glad you and your family had a great visit. My dad drove in from Detroit last year for the Christmas holiday and really loved sitting in that swing and watching the panoramic view change. He'll be 80 this coming May so I understand. We are blessed.

  4. Candace!

    Wow! What an honor! Thank you for visiting my humble little blog and for your comment! Gail and I just loved staying at your place in the mountains, and my parents had the time of their lives. The pictures are during cloudy hours, but we mostly had a bright, sunny sky. It was glorious!

    Our parents are about the same age. I agree, we are blessed to still have them at this age, and that we can give them moments of peace and joy.

    Please feel welcome to come back anytime!


    Thanks! They are awesome. And it was a little scary thinking of them driving over the West Virginia mountains on the way down here. I kept a close eye on the weather and would have called it off if it was bad.

    And they are beautiful… sometimes. ; )

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