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About 15 years ago while in LA, I got intoxicated.  Actually, it happened over and over again, each time I went in or out of the hotel where we were staying.  I didn’t recognize the plant that was having this effect on my olfactory sense because I had never seen one in Toledo.  I asked, and learned that it was Jasmine!  I just LOVE the fragrance!  Later, when I looked into it, I discovered that it wouldn’t grow in Toledo’s latitude.  For whatever reason, I was quite disappointed, and kept that somewhere in the back of my mind.  And now, I find that two species of Jasmine will grow in North Carolina, one of which is fragrant!  I just bought one today, and will plant it along the trellis under our screened-in porch.  It supposedly grows fast, so I hope someday soon it will look like this, and I hope to relive the intoxication while chillaxing on the porch!

carolina jasmine

5 thoughts on “one more off the bucket list”

  1. I like this! Ok since this is a fast growing plant we expect to see pictures next spring/summer. Of course we'll have to use our imaginary olfactory sense to get the full effect.
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..Regional Flu Map =-.

  2. Mike~

    Let's get moving on our bucket lists! Life's too short!


    Yes! I took the before picture before planting, and I'll take one now that the plant is in. I hope to take another when it is full and fragrant! Yeah, you'll have to use your olfactory imagination!

    ; )

  3. Well, this is truly exciting news! I have jasmine too, (love, love, love the scent), but it's not as beautiful as in your picture. Mine are white!

    The only place I permit intoxication is in my garden. Wonderful!
    .-= Keli´s last blog ..Stupidity and Questions =-.

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