OMG! Faux Olivia is pregnant!!

This can’t be good! Not for OUR Olivia, not for Peter, and probably not for our universe!

I guess we can blame mad scientist, Walter. Even though it was well-intentioned, his abduction of the other Peter from our parallel universe created a mess that is causing problems on both sides. For being a brilliant man, that was really stupid! Everyone knows the parallel universes should never meet, right? That’s common knowledge, right? Though I think their side has gotten the worse of it and they’re pissed off about it. And now, Faux Olivia is pregnant with Peter’s child!! This is just terrible!! Faux Olivia is cute and all, but I am partial to our own Olivia. She is such a complex character. And how is Peter supposed to choose!?! This is just insane. And how am I supposed to wait until next Friday to find out more!?!

Princess Gail and I look very forward to Fringe every week. It is one of our very favorite shows and we have regularly scheduled couch time for it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “OMG! Faux Olivia is pregnant!!”

    1. Mike, if you like SciFi at all, do yourself a favor and rent Season 1. You'll be hooked. Great premise, great characters, wonderful writing and acting!

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