Not Good at the Death Game

I’m a real doctor. I don’t play one on TV. So I get to play against death on a day to day basis! Death is like my archrival, my nemesis. The bastard doesn’t play by the rules, but I have my tricks, too! It’s a dance. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I do. But the hard part is that eventually, he always wins. I can hear him now… bwahahahaha! Bastard.

So about this time last year, I decided to try a different game. This fascinating game combines two of my areas of knowledge and expertise: death… and celebrities!!! : )

The idea of the game was to predict which celebrities were going to die in 2008! Now doesn’t that sound like fun!?! No??? Well it did to me! That’s what happens when you hang around ICU’s and ER’s for much of your life!

Actually, there are many such games you can find on the web, but the grand daddy of them all is at Fly Me To The Tomb. (The dudes that run it have some sort of thing for Frank Sinatra.) So last year, I picked my “team,” and I thought I’d share my picks and results with you:

See? I’m not very good at the death game. Team “Go To The Light!” did not do very well. It’s not in my nature! I’m good at the LIFE game! I should have known!
Notice one more thing? The one “celebrity” I picked that did die, was one of my good guys: Dr. Michael DeBakey, pioneer of open heart surgery! Bastard Death did that to me on purpose. Irony is not funny!

So I think I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not playing games with death anymore. From now on, it’s serious!!! >: (

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