Needy Ferd

She’s my Queen, but she drives me crazy sometimes!

I received another meme challenge from Mimi Queen of Memes.

Simple premise, so I’m not really complaining. Actually, it’s all in fun. My job was to google “Ferd needs” and see what comes up. I’m a bit surprised I found anything:


1. Ferd needs a hug.

1. Ferd needs complete healing for his back.

1. St. Ferdinand (I bet you didn’t know I was a saint! Me neither.) seeks to serve brothers and sisters in need.

1. Ferd’s tour dates, with songs, videos, pictures… everyone needs a friend! (Did you know I was a rock star?)

1. Ferd needs to be cleaned up!

1. Ferd needs creative freedom. (This is apparently very important in the “environmentally friendly paperboard” business.)

1. Ferd needs a Special Needs Trust. (Like the one we have for Eric.)

1. Ferd needs more to eat, Annie is getting ready to calve. ( I found this to be “udderly” ridiculous.)

1. Ferd… knows the needs of wine lovers.

1. Ferd is dedicated to meeting customer’s needs.

11. Is it just me, or has everyone on the internet failed to make a Ferd… but… well, that’s really all that needs to be said about it. (I hope “making a Ferd” is something good.)

12. Da Ferd, The Albino Rhino, Big K, Ferdinand, Outlaw, Sunshine, and Sir Drinks a lot. That’s all the names you need to know.

13. Ferd needs urgent prayer. (Yeah, it’s up to urgent levels now.)

14. Ferd needs training. (Or depends.)

1. Ferd… needs explanation. (Yeah, go ahead and try! Some things just can’t be explained. They’re a mystery!)

Well, that’s it! My neediness exposed!

If you want to try this out, tag yourself, and let the Queen know about it.

Now excuse me, I need to tend to some of my needs.

I hope the comments work. It’s been on the fritz. Apple NEEDS to do something about this!

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