20 thoughts on “My mother and me”

  1. Your mother is a beautiful woman. I like that she is sitting on the ground holding you. I wonder what she was thinking? Her eyes have a story to tell.

  2. Thanks, everybody!
    She was twenty-five years old when this picture was taken. That’s how old my youngest is right now. Somehow it all seems a bit surreal to me, like it’s some other people in the photo.
    My father said it was my first time outside, just a week or two after I was born.

  3. You were a cute baby, but my gosh… your mom is gorgeous! It’s funny how those pictures touch our hearts in a different way as we ourselves get older.

    1. Thanks, Meleah! I thought so, too. I wish I had a direct memory of the moment, but a picture like this is like being there!

  4. Your Mama is a beauty! And you were such a cute baby… but then again all babies are cute. Just kidding… you really were a cute baby 😉

  5. HOLY COW. What nationality is she? She looks like an uncommonly beautiful Italian film star… She is simply stunning. I like your little baby mohawk!

    1. Katherine,
      Our family is from Mexico, and she was not a film star, but “uncommonly beautiful” nevertheless! Thank you!

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