My Lunch Date

I had a nice lunch today. Megan is usually pretty busy, so I value the time we get to spend together. She is 28, my oldest. She has always had the “first born” thing. She is a great organizer. She is brilliant and self confident. She has her mother’s exuberant, magnetic personality. From a very early age, she has kept herself very busy, with a full calendar, either making money at various jobs, or doing things for others.

Today, she told me that on Sundays, she makes time to spend a few moments with people who are homebound or having trouble getting out. One includes her grandmother, who is not always the easiest person to get along with, but Megan makes the effort. She also told me she visits a few aging nuns who used to be her teachers at her old high school, which I can imagine is the highlight of their week! Though I truly admire these activities, I can’t say that I ever did the same. As I have often been with Megan, I was impressed but not surprised, as that is just the way she is.

She was married two years ago this week. Mike is a wonderful guy. That is a picture of the two of them. It is nice to see them figuring out the stuff of life. They are both intelligent and kind, so I am certain life will treat them well.

Megan is putting the final touches on a PhD in clinical psychology. She has long ago figured me out, so I’m just waiting for her to give me the diagnosis and prognosis. I hope I’m not terminal! ; )

Mike is an attorney, but he is a really good and nice guy! I know… that doesn’t sound right, being an attorney and all, but it’s true, he is a good and nice guy! I am very happy he is my son in law!

So, I am grateful for Megan. Being a model first child, she set the mark for her younger siblings, and she helps them in many ways to this day. I am so lucky that they are all hard working, industrious people, and a lot of that is because of Megan’s example.

Thanks, Megan! I love you!

Can you tell I’m proud?!

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