The Mission 51 Raffle

Janusia in Space for raffle

Announcing the Mission 51 Raffle!

Artist Idan Carré has graciously donated an original sketch for a raffle! This 11” x 12” sketch was a preliminary “concept” study of Mission 51’s spaceship, Janusia. This is basically how she appears in a drawing in the book. Isn’t she beautiful!? The winner of the raffle will receive this original sketch, signed by the artist, with a personal dedication to the winner! How cool is that!?

To qualify for the raffle you must have placed one of the first 150 pre-orders.

The raffle will include the 138 pre-orders that have already been placed, and additional pre-orders up until the number of pre-orders reaches 150. That’s only 12 more pre-orders to go!

At that point, the names of every person placing those pre-orders will be officially randomized via Riffle Raffle to identify the winner! Hooray!! 😀

  • Each Inkshares E-Reader pre-order (ebook only) will count as one entry.
  • Each Inkshares Reader pre-order (book and ebook) will count as two entries.
  • Each Inkshares Super Reader pre-order (multiple books) will merit as many entries as the number of books ordered.

So… I suggest you place your pre-order now to qualify for the raffle! Be among the first 150 pre-orders!

You can place your pre-order here!

And… you can increase your chances of winning the raffle by placing more pre-orders! Maybe you want an extra copy for family or friends. 🙂

A heartfelt Thank You to Idan Carré for her most generous donation. This truly is a special, one-of-a-kind piece!!

4 thoughts on “The Mission 51 Raffle”

  1. Hi Ferd,
    I’m sorry to bother you with this, but I found your 2011 post about the quicken leopard/lion issue, and i’m in the thick of it right now. I have been searching for a version Q2006 for a month now, in order to convert my Q2003 files. Do you still happen to have a copy of Quicken 2006 that you’d be willing to share? I’d be so grateful to save my 10+ years’ worth of financial info!!
    Thank you for the good information, either way!

    1. Wow, Becky, I am sorry you are having this trouble. I remember the pain it was back then, let alone what it must be now! Here is a link to the Q2006 file in my public dropbox:

      You will have other issues I didn’t way back then. I can’t even open the Q2006 file on my current MacBook Pro with the latest Mac OS. You have to have a computer and OS that is old enough.

      Then you will have to update that file to a newer version of Quicken, but I don’t know if it will update to the most recent Q2017 that just came out. You might have to make several update steps.

      If you have any trouble getting my Q2006 dropbox file, send me your email and I’ll try sending it that way.

      Good luck!
      (And follow Mission 51 at 🙂

      1. Ferd, I can’t thank you enough!! I won’t be able to download from your dropbox until late tonight… Can it stay there until then?
        Yes, I know that I need to do several steps, and I think I have the elements needed to do it. My desktop is running on snow leopard and my laptop is running on mountain lion.
        If I understood right, I was told by Quicken support that I could first convert the 2003 files with Quicken 2006 and then 2007 on my desktop (running on snow leopard), then convert again to 2007, on my laptop (running on mountain lion). I’m crossing my fingers that it works.
        You are an angel, Ferd!! Quicken 2006 was the piece of the puzzle that seemed impossible to find (I think Q2007 will be easier), and when I found your old post, I just about cried. You have been so patient and generous with your time, helping people try to get their quicken back on track back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
        I will try to download from your dropbox late tonight, when I’m in front of my computer.

        1. Oh good! It looks like you are well-prepared. I hope it works out!

          I just added up the count on that post from 2011. It has had 21,946 views!!! But they are down to a trickle now, with only three views all this year. It seems you’re pretty late to the party! LOL

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