Michael Jackson is a part of all of us

How many people will ever have his scope of influence?  Over the course of his short lifetime, Michael Jackson worked himself into the collective consciousness of our entire planet, regardless of age and race!

I remember this scene from Jennifer Garner’s “13 going on 30” showing exactly that:

And this clip from a prison program in the Philippines:

5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson is a part of all of us”

  1. Mike~

    Yeah, he was unique. I think one of the biggest "changes" was in the area of music videos. Thriller and his early video work set a whole new standard for what could be achieved in that medium. He was the perfect entertainer for it.


    I so agree. His later years were a true shame. I think he was very ill mentally. I plan to do a little post later, making an argument for his having Asperger's syndrome.

  2. Nice tribute to Michael. Yes, in his later years he was ill but he did have allot of talent that is for sure. I think not having a childhood really messed him up, he was always trying to recreate a childhood for himself. His life story is so sad.

    Love and Blessings,


  3. AngelBaby~

    His childhood was truly traumatic. How many times have we seen children pushed beyond their limits because of a parent's selfish desires. Sure he had a lot of talent and has left a legacy of great accomplishments. But he was unhappy and died too soon.

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