Me Me Me Meme

I have sunk to a lower level.
I am now a thief!
I had resisted the temptation, but I had a moment of weakness.
Damn you, Judd Corizan!

Here is his Sunday Stealing Meme, the “More About Me Me Me” Meme.

My favorite age: I like my self right now. No, now… Now… Now! Oh, forget it.

My best friend(s): Princess Gail is #1. After that, my Saturday breakfast homies.

My celebrity crush: This can vary minute to minute. My old reliable is SMG, aka Buffy.

My defining characteristic: There isn’t any one thing! I’m a mish mash of good points and character defects. Which set predominates also varies minute to minute!

My most evil moment: I don’t think I ever crossed over into evil, though my ex might beg to differ!

My favorite food: A good hamburger on my grill, with garlic and onion salt, muenster cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato, and sauteed onions or mushrooms. Mmmm!

My grossest injury: It was either my fractured left wrist a few years ago, or the external fixation device used to fix it.

My biggest hatred: That’s a pretty strong word. My dislikes don’t reach that level.

My most illegal activity: None now. Like I’ve said before, my rock star days are long gone. But even then, I was pretty tame. Nothing to brag about. That’s a good thing.

My need for justice: That’s a want, not a need. I’ve learned in my life that justice is a great ideal, but often not achieved. The Serenity Prayer helps when I’m feeling anger or self pity about a personal injustice.

My most knowledgeable field: Internal Medicine.

My life’s goal: To be peaceful and happy. To help out as best I can. To leave the place better than I found it. To live to a ripe old age, and then be shot in bed by a jealous husband. ; )

My mother’s influence: Her generosity is her best trait, and I picked it up.

My nerdiest point: Again, this is a sum total. And, it depends on the point of view. I think I’m normal, but I get reality checks on and off. (Gail)

My oldest memory: I might have been three or four. I have fleeting memories of holding on to my mother and feeling fear, once on a boat and once in a car. I had recurring dreams about it, and the memories of the places have been confirmed.

My perfect date: This would be an all day event, starting with good morning sex, then a hearty breakfast, then a together workout (probably a bike ride), then a together shower, then an afternoon of anything we would enjoy together without time pressure (shopping at the mall, browsing at the bookstore, playing on the computers, etc), then getting ready for a nice dinner (the getting ready part still feels like a date with Gail, because we make formal dates), then a nice dinner somewhere, then a movie either at home or out, and finally falling asleep with massages and conversation.

My unanswered question: Does life ever settle into something easy and without stress?

My random fact: I enjoy long distance bike rides, 60 to 100 miles.

My stupidest decision: To get married at 22. I wasn’t ready.

My favorite television show: Right now it’s Terminator.

My style of underwear: boxers

My favorite vegetable: carrot cake! : )

My weakest trait: doing things when they should be done. I tend to procrastinate.

My X-men power: medical intuition

My strongest yearning: Don’t remind me. I’m trying to quit!

My moment of Zen: It happens when I know I have connected with another human being.

Thanks, Judd Corizan, whoever you are, wherever you are. It was fun. Let’s do it again soon!

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