11 thoughts on “Macro Monday caterpillars”

  1. 2 things I spelled Mr Goddaerd's name wrong and did not add the it is also a Vermillion(woollybear) festival,man am I getting bad in my old age.

  2. I love caterpillars. When my kids were younger, we created a mini butterfly garden, caught a few unsuspecting caterpillars, watched the transformation and everyone lived happily ever after!

  3. Hi, everyone!

    There is something magical about caterpillars and their transformation from ugly creepy thing to beautiful butterfly. I think it's symbolic for the same transformation I want inside myself.

    1. Nah. I might take pictures of interesting bugs, but I could never raise them! I took these three pictures on three separate occasions, all within a few weeks. I didn't know they'd be a post until the third one, the fuzzy one.

      Thanks for swinging by, Linda! And I see your CommentLuv thing is working! Hooray!!

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