Kevin’s Sylvania Triathlon 2011

I made a little trip to Toledo these past few days to watch my son participate in a triathlon. He did the bike leg on a three man team. Each of the guys are particularly good at their respective part.

Kevin has been on bikes since forever. I recently posted these pictures from about 23 years ago:

A few years after that, Kevin competed in his first triathlon. He was pretty young, and he did great! That’s his sister, Kelly, to his right. They did a solid kid’s event swim/bike/run.

And now he’s back to the same place, in Sylvania, Ohio, to compete in his first triathlon as an adult. Here we are before the race.

His teammate Ryan McHugh swam the 1.5 km (0.9 mile) open water swim in 18 minutes, which is an awesome time! Then Kevin biked 40 km (25 miles) in the pouring rain in 1:12, which was also remarkable! And finally, Alex Schoen ran the 10 km (6.2 miles) in 43 minutes, another super performance. They came in 2nd place by just a few minutes.

Here they are, all exhausted looking after the race. 😉

Can you tell I’m pretty damn proud!? Alex recently lost his dad; I know he would have been very proud of Alex as well. These are three really great young guys!!!

19 thoughts on “Kevin’s Sylvania Triathlon 2011”

    1. I’ll take just a teeny weeny bit of credit, only because this sort of thing has been a part of our family life since they were babies. But the guys did all the work for this one! 🙂

    1. Yes, and we drove past Port Clinton on our way back to Winston on Monday, after you guys had that 7 inch rainfall! Were you in town for that?

    1. Yes, K, it really is a special feeling seeing your son prepare really hard for something, and then have a satisfying result. I hope his whole life goes that way! 🙂

  1. Well now, those young men are almost as handsome as you! 🙂

    I LOVED this post… the series of pictures made me smile ear to ear. I would love to do something like that, especially with me visiting the gym on a weekly basis. It makes you begin to think, “Hey, maybe I could do that!” Of course I would need to do something geared towards 45 year old women!

    Have a GREAT day!!!

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