Kevin identifies his first Cattle Egret!

Kevin stopped by last week with his friends on their way down to a Florida Keys fishing trip. We had a very nice pre-Father’s day dinner. Then, because he had expressed a little interest in birding, I gave him a copy of The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America. Who knew that he would start birding so soon! 😀

13 thoughts on “Kevin identifies his first Cattle Egret!”

  1. Ah yes… have learned several butterflies that way. Thankfully never something as large as an egret! (well, deer… but I KNOW them already)

    1. LOL! You’d have to know my son Kevin and his friends. I’m sure they ran into the bird by freak accident, and since I had just given him a birding field guide, he posed with it to send me this funny picture. He’s a riot!

    1. Yes, hilarious! I hope this is just the thing to get his interest going. He’s an outdoors kind of guy anyway, so this would enhance his overall appreciation of nature.

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