Kevin’s Graduation!

I am very proud!

Today, my baby boy graduated from the University of Dayton with double majors in International Business and Marketing, and a minor in Spanish. He did this while working a basically full time job, and playing as hard as he works. Kevin is any father’s dream son!

It seems like just yesterday that my little 7 year old Raiders fan with a missing front tooth was pulling in this fish. To this day, fishing is one of his passions. He recently wrote this paragraph as part of an application for an MBA program. It gives you a little idea of what he is like:

I have a great love of the outdoors, and I plan to be involved in the business side of things in some way after finishing my education. This will be either as a primary career, or as an important avocation. I particularly enjoy fishing. My friends and I have driven to Montana to fish for trout in pristine Rocky Mountain rivers, and to northern Canada for pike and walleye. I have fished with my grandmother off the side of the dock. I have fished in the Gulf of Mexico and have even caught a 6 foot shark. (Pictures available upon request!) This has brought me great pleasure in my life, and it will probably bring me much more as the years go by. That is why I intend to give something back. I plan to work or volunteer for a Not For Profit organization dealing with saving American rivers, such as “Trout Unlimited.” I dream of starting such an organization of my own some day.

Congratulations, Kevin!
I love you, my little Best Dude!

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