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  1. I worked for a sheriff that rode bulls in the rodeo. He didn’t have a screw loose though. They love this stuff. It’s that danger thing. Like bungee jumping and such. Same kind of thrill factor. Not for me, but it is for some. You took some really great shots.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

    1. Yeah, Sandee, they DO love it! They get hooked on the high of doing such an exciting and dangerous thing. And they have this macho code of playing hurt. They’ll ride despite concussions and broken bones. All the riders have scars on their faces, broken noses, no teeth, and that’s just the face! And I don’t think they get paid all that much. They made a big deal about the “winningest” rider of all time, who had just passed the $5 million dollar mark for career earnings. The top pros in many other sports make 10 times that amount in a single season. These cowboys do it for the addictive high.

  2. It’s so hard to get decent indoor rodeo shots. The lights are usually too dim or way to hot. Looks like you were sitting in a great place to get the good shots. The first shot really pops.

    1. Erik~
      The Jerome Davis Arena is an outdoor site, with terrible lighting, and this was an evening event that started at 9 PM! On top of that, I was using a telephoto lens, and they require more light than a regular lens. I was way too far from the action to use a flash. So I moved the ISO setting up to its max setting of 1000, and I slowed the shutter speed as much as I could and still get focused action shots. Even so, I ended up with very dark images. I left it up to my photo editing software to brighten them up, and it did a surprisingly good job.

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