14 thoughts on “Indigo Bunting at Muddy Creek”

    1. Thank you, Kala. High compliment coming from you! Those are the elements I was most happy with as well. First of all, this bird is uncommon and beautiful, so it is an interesting subject. Then, he was resting on the plant, as if it was lovingly cradling the bird in it’s hand. The plant is as important as the bird. And I liked the simplicity of two colors.

  1. Lovely.. just lovely. I’ve been meaning to post my blue jay but I took the shot through the window and it’s not the best. Every time I opened the door he flew away!

    1. That’s one of the many things to figure out when you start taking pictures of birds! Like you said before, they are so flighty!

  2. That’s the most beautiful color of blue I’ve ever seen. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. You just can’t outdo mother nature, can you.

  3. What a GORGEOUS BIRD! I’ve never seen one of those before. Can you please tell that bird that the Outer Banks are pretty swell, and to come visit?

  4. I’ve been here before without commenting, but just wanted to tell you that your photographs are wonderful. I love the blue of this beautiful bird against the green background and the way it is turning towards the camera, too.

    1. It is a pretty cool pose. The tail feathers are fanned and he turned around to show all his other distinctive features, especially the indigo blue color.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note, Jennifer! 🙂

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