I Want a September 12 America

I bet that everyone remembers the feeling we had on the days after the horrors of September 11, 2001. The country came together in a way I have never experienced before or since. At that time, we were all Americans. We were all on the same side. We suffered, we struggled, we survived, we transcended… together! It didn’t matter what color or creed, what political party, what walk of life, what social status. We were all Americans. United!

I want to have that feeling of September 12 again!

I am so tired of the election process that will come to an end very shortly. We will have a new president elect, soon to be our new president. All the campaigning and politicking will be behind us. All the divisive rhetoric and the negative advertising, spoken and spat. And we will have a choice. We will have a choice whether to stay divided, continuing our personal campaigns for our personal agendas, or to come together as a country.

There is a good chance my man will not be elected president. But I plan to stand behind the man who wins this election, as much as my personal ethics allows. I want to have that 9/12 feeling again. I can do my part.

I’m Ferd, and I approve this message.

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