good/great stuff this past week

img_1037The fist great thing is that my daughter, Megan, completed a PhD in Clinical Counseling. It really is an awesome accomplishment, and I am very proud!  Here she is at graduation with me and my parents.  She will be teaching at Heidelberg University (Tiffin, OH, not Germany) starting this Fall.  I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to know the world is a better place because of my children.  I know I’m a biased observer, but they are really great!


The next is merely “good” in comparison to Megan’s graduation, but it was fun. I had a good friend staying in Greensboro for a couple of days on business.  The first night, we caught dinner at a wonderful restaurant, the Green Valley Grill, at the O’Henry Hotel.  BTW, we went there on the recommendation of a good blog friend of mine.  It’s nice to know people in ePlaces. Here’s a picture of the cool outdoor terrace at the Green Valley Grill.







The next night, which was a beautiful spring/summer night, we caught a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game.






img_1043  It was fun actually doing something in my new locale!  I have been working in nearby Winston-Salem since Jan 1, but leave to go back to Toledo right after my working stints. This was actually the first time I have done anything outside of work.




Also great is spending time with my son, Kevin. I picked him up at Detroit Metro airport after a trip to Big Sky, Montana.  I love picking up my kids at the airport because it gives us some solid time to just sit and chat on the ride home, one on one.



Here’s Kevin and me, while driving back from the airport. I was taking the picture with my left hand, working the radio with my right, driving with my thigh, while looking at his pictures on his camera.  Hey!  Did you hear about the laws they are trying to pass about not allowing cell phones while driving!?!  What!?!

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  1. Congrats to your daughter! You must be so proud.

    You did have a great week… friends and family time!

    BTW: In Cananda, hand-held phone calls are against the law in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec. Head sets are legal though.

    <abbr>dawn’s last blog post..Ponderables</abbr>

  2. Jess~

    Yes, it was a great/good week! And it is cool/interesting/weird to think my daughter is now a Doctor!


    Thank you! I am so proud!

    More and more US states are passing similar laws. I was just kidding on the post; I think it's a good thing to pass laws about driving while using a cell phone. Handheld phones are responsible for a lot of accidents now.

  3. You should be proud to have such an accomplished daughter! Good for both of you! And I love one on one time with my kids. It really makes me appreciate them all over again.

    As for the cell phone restriction laws, I'm all for them. I've witnessed one too many stupers using the cell while driving. It's bad enough having them behind the wheel. Multi-tasking? Out of the question!

    <abbr>Keli’s last blog post..No Cure for Stupidity</abbr>

  4. Mimi~

    Yes, it was a good week! "Stellar." Stars all around me, like my children, and you!


    I really lucked out with my kids, all hard workers, all with advanced degrees, and all are good, fun, and interesting people. I am very proud of them! Does it show?

  5. I only have one question, Ferd, what kind of car do you drive. After that picture of you and your son, I want to be on the lookout next time I drive through Greensboro.

    Congrats to your daughter, by the way. That is an awesome achievement.

    <abbr>Lee (Tarheel Rambler)’s last blog post..Sunday Scenery</abbr>

  6. Lee~

    Hahaha! I'm not dangerous. Really I'm not! I drive really well with my thigh!

    Hey, lets do lunch or dinner some time this summer!

  7. Ahh congrats to Megan and her wonderful achievements! You must be so proud. I do know Tiffin by the way (does that not surprise you ha ha). My daughter ran HS Cross Country in MI and had meets in Tiffin.

    Great picture of you and your son! How long a drive is it for you to Metro? I do that drive way more than I like but you're right, it does provide quality one on one time and those moments are to be cherished.

    <abbr>Elaine’s last blog post..Cell phone elbow damages nerves</abbr>

  8. Elaine~

    Nothing about our parallel lives surprises me now. I have found a soul sister in you!

    Metro is 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic or the weight of my lead foot. It's probably about the same time for you, from the other (colder) direction. It is ridiculous how cold it's been up there for you and your poor flowers!

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