Finish this sentence…

Okay, this is called the “Finish This Sentence” meme. I guess technically I stole it from Queen Mimi, but isn’t that the whole idea of memes? I don’t know, sometimes she confuses me. Eg, directly from her site I have stolen her words of direction:

The infamous and mysterious Judd Corizan of Rising Blogger fame is at it again. He has syndicated a feature written by Bud at WTIT Tape Radio called Sunday Stealing. Now we all get to play the meme! One of my official duties at Bloggingham Palace is making sure all memes are legal. No one’s sued me today (it’s still early) so it’s probably OK. If you decide to turn me in would you please leave a comment and tell everybody to turn in their peace globes before I go to the slammer? Thanks. Judd doesn’t have a dungeon too…..does he?

Here are my answers to Judd’s new site just launched this weekend (!) called Sunday Stealing. ‘Cept I’m doing mine on Monday and dating it Sunday. Cause I’m the Queen and I can. Later I’ll do Monday Mimisms…….maybe tonight…maybe Tuesday! Because I can.
See what I mean? She is a mystery!

Anyway, here are my finishes to the sentence starters:

1. My uncle once… wrote a book of poetry, and followed it up with several others, each more beautiful than the first. He was a language professor at a girl’s school in Mexico.

1. Never in my life have I… participated in the BlogBlast for Peace. But that will change come November!

1. When I was five my parents… were fed up with life in Mexico and decided to emigrate to the USA.

1. High school was… so freakin’ long ago I have long since repressed the trauma. And it is now buried under other traumas I have repressed on top of that! Sigh. I still have a lot of work to do.

1. I will never forget to… remind myself about that important thing I forgot that I was supposed to remember.

1. Once I met… Halle Berry, and brought her back to my place. Then the alarm clock went off and I woke up.

1. There’s this boy I know… and love named Kevin. My baby boy has grown up into a fine young man!

1. Once, at a bar, I… drank one too many beers. (See #5)

1. By noon, I’m… ready for my Cheeseburger Happy Meal!

1. Last night I… was grateful for another good day.

1. If only I had… taken the road less traveled by, it would have made all the difference.

1. Next time I go to church I… will say prayers, ponder, and wonder.

1. What worries me most is that… Princess Gail might kick Halle Berry’s ass. It was just a dream, Princess!

1. When I turn my head left I see… Princess Gail, in all her glory!

1. When I turn my head right I see… my nightstand, with my iPhone, clock, reading glasses, and a funny South Park birthday card that has somehow laid there since May!

1. You know I’m lying when I… start a sentence with “Trust me…”

1. What I miss most about the eighties is… the “dark years” from which I remember very little other than total immersion in the demands of a medical residency. I want them back!

1. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be… any one of those dudes that get to wear thin tights in public stuffed with socks in the pubic area.

1. By this time next year I… will be a Tarheel!

1. A better name for me would be… Napoleon, or Ferd Dynamite, because I am so cool.

1. I have a hard time understanding… higher math, middle ground, and low life people.

1. If I ever go back to school… I will be in a Groundhog’s Day nightmare, because I am DONE with that!

1. You know I like you if… I add a winky emoticon anywhere in an email, blog post, or comment. ; )

1. If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be… Princess Gail, for her support and encouragement, and so I don’t get into trouble when I get home.

1. Take my advice, never… cross Queen Mimi, or she’ll throw you in her cold, deep, dark, damp dungeon.

Wow, that was exhausting! The things I do to stay out of the dungeon. I have an amnesty card, but I don’t trust it. I heard there was fine print. That would be just like her!

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