Family Time and… The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Gail and I enjoyed a nice trip to Savannah. We went there primarily to be with two of my daughters, my son-in-law Mike, and my grandson Max. We had a really nice time! 馃榾

And of course, on our way home Gail and I stopped at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. It is a southern lowland marsh habitat. There was no way we could pass it up: the entrance was right on the road in and out of Savannah! Here are a few pix. How many birds can you name? I think the names will show if you hover the cursor on the picture.

Now let’s see if you were paying attention. What are these?


And finally, a non-bird pic.

We were just going to stop for a few minutes, but spent 2.5 hours there. The city of Savannah, GA is a very interesting place, of course. But this wildlife refuge would be worth a trip all by itself! Glad we stopped! 馃榾

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