Earth, Wind & Fire

It’s been a long time since the band looked like they did in this picture from their heyday in the 70’s. Only three members from the original band are now touring, but let me tell you, with the kick-ass band they have assembled, the sound is still amazingly pure Earth, Wind & Fire! Here’s how they look today (Philip Bailey on the left, and the coolest bass player on the planet, Verdine White, on the right):

They have been playing together for 37 years!!!

I had the good fortune to see them a few days ago at the outdoor amphitheater at the Toledo Zoo, a small, intimate venue. This time we did not get rained away, like at the Stevie Nicks concert last month. On this day the weather was spectacular. The mood was energetic and joyful. The music was full of life. Everyone in the place was dancing!

The highlight performance of the evening, in my humble opinion, was “Let’s Groove.” Though today it also reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution. It’s my favorite DDR tune.

There is plenty of good new music around, but I find the great music of my youth to be the grooviest!

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