Ditching Cable ~ Final Update

This is the last of a series of posts that have to do with ditching our Time Warner cable TV, because it is just too damn expensive! In the previous posts I explained how we planned our move, and how we replaced the programs we like to watch, our DVR, etc.

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Ditching Cable ~ Update 1

I am really happy to report that our move off cable is now complete! Today, while navigating to our TiVo viewing options, I noticed a new addition to the options menu. Hulu now appears on TiVo’s main menu!!! We instantly signed up for Hulu Plus online and Hulu kicked in immediately on our TiVo system. It will cost $8/mo. Now we can view all the Hulu programming right on our TV using our simple TiVo remote and the TiVo interface!

So here’s the final roundup: instead of $180/mo to Time Warner for internet/cable TV/phone and $20/mo to our alarm company, we will be paying $58/mo to Time Warner for internet only, $20/mo to TiVo, $10/mo to Netflix, $25 to the alarm company, and $8 to Hulu. That’s a total savings of about $77 per month, or about $925 per year! Oh, yeah!!

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9 thoughts on “Ditching Cable ~ Final Update”

  1. Wow! If you google the words “Ditching Cable” you will find two of my articles IN THE TOP FIVE ENTRIES! Winning!! 😀

    1. You know it! I love saving money, and I hate throwing it away to greedy cable companies with sneaky contracts and miserable customer service!

  2. You rock! So glad to read how someone is breaking from the cable mafia. Maybe if enough do it, they’ll start getting real and lowering their outrageous prices. Way to go!

    1. I agree! There are many viewing options out there. I think it’s simply a matter of time before they’ll be forced to align their pricing structure with the competition.

  3. I’ve been strongly considering doing the exact same thing. The only thing I don’t want to do without is the baseball though, which I need the cable for.

    1. The main things we had to give up were a few design shows on HGTV, but we have hopes that Hulu will pick them up at some point. I do miss a few sporting events on ESPN, but I get enough of a fix here and there outside the house. Giving up the convenience of cable is definitely a compromise. It sounds like baseball makes the expense worth it for you. It’s good to have a passion!

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