Disaster Preparedness. Frakking zombies, bring it on!

I’ve been getting a kick lately out of the somewhat paranoid Survivalist movement. I don’t really share the degree of anxiety, or the sense of impending doom that these good folks seem to have. For example, I would not have been the type to build a bomb/fallout shelter during the Cold War era in the 1950’s and 60’s.


Hell, I’m of Mexican descent and I didn’t even subscribe to the Mayan “end of the world 2012” prediction!

Mayan Long Count

BUT… I think the Survivalists (capitalized out of all due respect) have a LOT of interesting and useful information to contribute to the already large body of knowledge regarding Disaster Preparedness.

To appreciate the modern flavor of the Survivalist movement, you have to immerse yourself in today’s fears, embrace the language and culture, and respect the common man’s solutions. As an added extra, you will enter a world of danger, suspense, bravery, ingenuity, and even humor! The ways we might experience a “collapse of civilization” are easy enough to imagine, but you will have to be willing to think twice when you hear the words, “Zombie Apocalypse.” 😀

During this past year Gail and I have focused on safety and personal defense issues. For me, it is a natural progression to go from this to Disaster Preparedness. Besides preparing myself for an attack by a hoard of ravenous zombies, I should probably also prepare for less common things like tornadoes, floods, and prolonged electric power outages. Seriously, even things such as bioterrorism (e.g., Anthrax,) chemical terrorism, and radiation emergencies are definitely possible in today’s world.

So, from time to time I plan to post on this subject. I’ll start a new category called “Prepping.” Or maybe it should be “Zombie Stuff,” or “My Paranoia.” Hmm. I think I’ll use “Zombie Stuff.” I can always change it later. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Disaster Preparedness. Frakking zombies, bring it on!”

    1. Hi, Pam! It’s interesting how you guys jive with us in so many ways!
      I plan to start prepping in earnest this coming year. Maybe we can share notes! 🙂
      Thanks. I think Max is adorable, too, but I am a biased observer. It’s nice to get an objective opinion! 😉

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