8 thoughts on “Daytime moon”

  1. That is a great shot! I see all kinds of great images of the moon from my backyard but I have so many phone, cable and power lines that I can never get a good shot of it. And no matter what I do the moon always looks a lot smaller in the actual picture than it does when I just look at it.

    1. Thanks, Jen!
      You have to take a good quality picture (large pixel size) so you can later crop it and still have a clear image. That way you can “enlarge” small elements.
      I tweaked this image in other ways to give it this grainy look. I like how the moon seems to pop out!

    1. Yes. I took it from our front yard. This was a single RAW format exposure that I processed through Photomatix, and played with the tone mapping settings, resulting in this “fake” HDR image. (True HDR uses multiple exposures.)

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