Our neighborhood Barred Owl!

Finally! After years of hearing the Barred Owl in our neighborhood, today was the day of our first sighting! First we heard it calling and answering a more distant Barred Owl. Later during the same walk, we heard a third separate individual Barred Owl in another location. Then on our way back home, we stopped where we had heard the first owl, and were able to spot it!

Barred Owl

Waterfowl on Salem Lake

Princess Gail and I took a nice walk along Salem Lake on a sunny winter day. The work on the dam is complete and the water level is back to normal, and it’s nice to see our winter visitors didn’t forget about this beautiful little lake.

Here are are few shots showing some of the diversity we enjoyed. You can click on a pic to biggify.

Winston-Salem’s BB&T Ballpark and BB&T Field

BB&T is the 8th largest bank in the United States and has it’s headquarters right here in Winston-Salem, NC. It has a significant presence in our great city, not the least of which is it’s support of two of our stadiums. Yesterday, Gail and I spent time at both of them, so I thought I’d share the moments.

The Winston-Salem Dash, our minor league baseball team, makes it’s home at the BB&T Ballpark. This new, modern stadium is only a couple of years old and has been a big hit with the citizens. It is also the starting/finishing point for many local 5K and 10K running events. Yesterday, Princess Gail participated in the Home Run Fun Run 5K. We had a beautiful, clear, crisp morning and it was great fun!

Our neighbors across the street have season tickets to the Wake Forest University football games. They couldn’t make it this week so they kindly gave us their tickets! Very nice! So, after Gail’s 5K we went home, cleaned her up (LOL), and went to our first Wake Forest football game.

The BB&T Field is small but absolutely gorgeous, as you might imagine since Wake Forest University’s funding sources include RJ Reynold’s tobacco money and BB&T. I’m grateful to them for reinvesting back into their (our) wonderful community.

After the game, we met our friends April and Brent in Pilot Mountain for a nice dinner. Gail and I had a really good day! 🙂

Birding at Tanglewood Park

Gail had the good fortune of seeing a Barred Owl while birding with our local Audubon club at Tanglewood Park last week. So today she took me to the same spot to see if I could see the owl, too. We weren’t so lucky this time. The best bird I saw was Princess GailBirdtale herself!

But we did see a few others that I don’t see every day. A group of Cedar Waxwings flew in to feast on berries. (It’s a bit overexposed, but it’s the only way to get at least some detail of small subjects against a bright sky.)

A pair of male Red-winged Blackbirds were just hanging out:

Here are two shots of a Yellow-rumped Warbler, just because I love all the warblers and their songs.

We also saw a Great Blue Heron flying by, a bunch of our state bird Cardinals, a Carolina Chickadee, Mallard Ducks and Blue-winged Teal, Downy Woodpeckers and a Red-bellied Woodpecker, a Mourning Dove, a Blue Jay, an Eastern Bluebird, American Goldfinches, and best of all, a Belted Kingfisher. It was an excellent three hour walk!

I’ll have to come back to catch a glimpse of that Barred Owl!