Sunday Scenery – June 6, 2010

Here are two shots taken yesterday while Gail and I were hiking and birding in the Blue Ridge Mountains close to Asheville, North Carolina. In the first shot you see a number of wild mountain flowers and plants, including a typical wild mountain rhodo. In the second, another rhodo, with a little extra surprise, a beautiful indigo bunting!

Sunday Scenery

We spent a few days this past week up in West Virginia’s New River Gorge. We were there for a birding trip, which is held during the week when many species stop during their Spring migration. It is particularly attractive for birding purposes as there are so many habitats along the length and depth of the gorge. There were birders in attendance from all over the country. Unfortunately, it was a cold and overcast few days, and I’m sure it limited the number of species we saw. It certainly limited the enjoyment of being outdoors. But that’s why God made sweaters, coats and gloves! I’m grateful for the interesting birds we did see, and for the rain holding off to the evenings and nights. At least we stayed dry!

Here is a picture of the famous New River Gorge Bridge. You can see a bit of the river if you look closely.

And from the bottom of the gorge: