Pinehurst golf

Gail and I just spent 3 spectacular days of golf in the Pinehurst, NC area! It is a beautiful part of the country, typified by its sand hills and southern pines. And it is famous for world class golf!!! We had a ball playing 3 of the 35 local courses. The heat index of 105-110 degrees didn’t stop us. I have to say Princess Gail is one tough babe. Five hours in that kind of heat for three days in a row is enough to melt anyone!

Here are a few of the pictures, and there is another bunch of them on facebook.

Florida golfing and birding

We were in Florida for a few days last week for our friend Tom’s annual golfing get together. Gail is a swinger:

There were majestic birds on the courses, like the great blue heron:

There were birds of prey, a red shouldered hawk and an osprey:

A little blue heron and a white ibis were helping find my ball:

And like everywhere I go, I spotted these common birds:

I seem to attract them!

Our first Wake Forest Deamon Deacons game!

Big fun! One of the cool things about living in NC is the chance to see some great basketball! UNC in Chapel Hill and Duke in Durham are about an hour away, and our home team here in Winston-Salem, Wake Forest, is about 10 minutes from our house! This is our first game, and many more to come!

Fantasy Football Mom

I’m sure it goes back further, but my earliest memories of my mom screaming shouts of encouragement at the TV were when I was about 12. That would be around 1967. (Yeah, I’m old, shut up.) And it was ALL about the Green Bay Packers. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know that she has ever set foot in the state of Wisconsin. But she loved her Bart Starr, and her Golden Boy Paul Hornung, and Ray Nitschke, and on and on…

Then, for what seems like a lifetime, the yelling was all about #4, Brett Favre. Here’s a picture of my mom at the recent 21st annual Crotte family fantasy football draft. Yes, that’s a little shrine to St. Brett.

mom and st brett

He might do it, I’ve seen him play and he’s good, but Aaron Rodgers has some mighty big shoes to fill. But no matter, she’s still screaming and yelling at the TV.

And we love her like that!

WAM 2009 – It was great!!!

I couldn’t post from the road on day 2 because my phone did not get service in Dewitt, MI!  I’m guessing AT&T doesn’t run the ads “More bars in more places” in Dewitt, MI! Anyway, our day 2 was an awesome 112 miles! We were scheduled to do more than the 100 so that the third day could be just 88 miles and we could all finish early for the reception event in Chelsea.  Our day 2 was highlighted by the grueling distance, thundershowers with hail for about two hours, and then a slightly breezy, partly sunny, mid 70’s beautiful Michigan day!

Day 3 was tough. Everything hurt. We got up at 4:45 AM to catch the shuttle from our hotel back to the bikes, then a quick breakfast, filled up the tires and water bottles, and were clipped in to our pedals before 6:30. It was dark, cloudy, and drizzling at the start, but not for long. It turned into two or three hours of a cold, drenching rain in the morning, making the road a bit hazardous. We were not part of the many slips and falls of the morning. We got through okay. Then the day broke out into another partly sunny but majorly windy day, I’d guess about 15 to 20 MPH winds from the way the flags were blowing. It was coming out of the west, so it was mainly a crosswind for most of our north-to-south ride, with occasional turns into the wind which would slow us way down to about 12 MPH, and occasional joyful bits with the wind at our backs. The last thirty miles were pretty hilly, but by then we were energized for the impending finish.

We were greeted by our “Wish Child” and his family. Make-A-Wish hooks us up with a specific child that we ride for. Michael C had leukemia and got his wish to go to Disney World two years ago. He is in a remission now and feels well. Seeing the kids takes all our own pain away, and makes it all worthwhile!

I am grateful for my health and vigor. I am EVER so grateful for the opportunity to do the ride this year with my son, Kevin! He is a joy to be with, and I couldn’t be prouder! I want to express a special gratitude for the dear family and friends that supported my ride this year! Thank you! With your help, Make-A-Wish will be able to provide 250 more wishes this year! That’s what it was all about!

Here is a part of our team. We are all ready to do it again next year!