Sunday Scenery – Outer Banks, NC

  Outer Banks, NC

This is my offering for Sunday Scenery, a cool meme created by my friend, Lee, at Tarheel Ramblings. Check him out. Today he put up an absolutely awesome photo of the Blue Ridge in Boone, NC, in the northwest corner of the state. So I chose a pic I took at the other end of the state, at the Outer Banks around Kitty Hawk.

BTW, as an aside, I had gotten up very early on the morning I took this picture so I could watch the sunrise. I was on a college hunting trip with my son, Kevin, and a few of his friends, and we had stayed up very late the night before. The Best Part was the surprise of finding my son already outside, doing the same thing, waiting to enjoy the sunrise. The “nut” doesn’t fall too far from the tree!


Carolina Green

You’d think Carolina “blue.” But yesterday I had a “green” experience.

As part of my relocation from Ohio, I need to get NC license plates for my car. Part of the requirement is an annual emissions inspection at a certified facility. No surprise,my pampered Honda Civic passed with flying colors. They examined and reported on every part of the exhaust/emissions system of the car. Ohio does not do that. Maybe that’s why I wheeze in the hazy air of the NW Ohio “black swamp.” Maybe that’s why the skies around here are Carolina “blue.”

Good for NC!
Shame on Ohio.