The Queen’s Meme #61 ~ The Silly Serious Thanksgiving Meme

The Queen’s Meme #61 ~ The Silly Serious Thanksgiving Meme

Time to play another of Queen Mimi’s memes. Thanksgiving was yesterday, but my stomach still feels full so I guess it’s not too late to play!

1. If you knew this would be the last Thanksgiving holiday with your family, what would you do differently.  I would thank them for their love and affection, then I would eat like there’s no next year!

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish? Princess Gail is quite a dish at all the holidays! She’s my favorite!

3. Why did John Smith fall in love with Pocahontas? Was it her beauty or her bravery? Like all great romances, I think it was her hair and her butt. 😉

4. Fill in the blank: Over the river and through the woods to Queen Mimi‘s blog we go.

5. What is a cornucopia?
A. A foot ailment  B. Freud’s hidden coping strategy  C. a Enuch with a very large vocabulary D. third cousin of Onomatopoeia. Well it’s not the Eunuch. They only say “ouch,” in a high pitched voice.

6. Find a word that rhymes with Thanksgiving. Spanksgiving.

7.  Do you have any holiday traditions you’d like to share with us? Being traditionalists, Princess Gail and I celebrate the traditional John Smith & Pocahontas Spanksgiving ritual. 😉

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

The Trail Not Taken

This post was inspired by my friend Dawn, who artfully matches her beautiful photos with her touching poetry. I thought I’d give it a try.

The Trail Not Taken

Two trails diverged in a yellow wood,

and being unable to take them both

and have one butt, long I stood

considering my rear for as long as I could

until I felt bad for its overgrowth.

Two trails diverged in a yellow wood.

And me, I chose the one cut wider-ly.

My butt made all the difference.




Dear Mr. Frost,

Sorry about that. But don’t spaz out. I’m pretty sure your poem was better. Please, do not turn over in your grave! Thank you very much.