Sunset Beach – Cormorant

Princess Gail and I have spent a restful few days at the beach. Sunshine, sunsets, shrimp, and Gail in a bathing suit… Life is Good!!!

We managed to get a little birding in. Here is a Double-crested Cormorant, probably in migration, back from its summer breeding ground up north. He was showing off his classic cormorant pose.

A very nice day with my parents!

Gail and I are back in Toledo for a few days, visiting our peoples. After a great breakfast with my parents this morning, we went to their favorite park, Sidecut Park in Maumee, Ohio. They showed us the trails they like to walk, where to find good views of the Maumee River, where to spot deer, and such.

Gail, of course, always with her eagle eye, did spot a few cool birds.

And right now, we are sitting here watching the opening game of the NFL. Life is good!