Carolina Green

You’d think Carolina “blue.” But yesterday I had a “green” experience.

As part of my relocation from Ohio, I need to get NC license plates for my car. Part of the requirement is an annual emissions inspection at a certified facility. No surprise,my pampered Honda Civic passed with flying colors. They examined and reported on every part of the exhaust/emissions system of the car. Ohio does not do that. Maybe that’s why I wheeze in the hazy air of the NW Ohio “black swamp.” Maybe that’s why the skies around here are Carolina “blue.”

Good for NC!
Shame on Ohio.

9 thoughts on “Carolina Green”

  1. I think the term "smog" was first used re LA, wasn't it?

    But at least you have a car inspection system. Ohio doesn't at all.

    Hey, Deb, thanks for being my only friend. I'm sure my links and feeds have changed. Or maybe nobody likes me anymore. Everybody hates me. : (

  2. Wow. This is news to me! I thought every state made you get an emissions test. Especially with all the global warming discussion, you'd think this would be mandatory.

    Fellow Honda Civic Pamperer,


  3. Thanks, Kathy!

    Glad you found your way over here!

    Glad to see my BlogCatalog widget works, as I see your logo.

    Will be stopping by your place this week, as I'm off!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey, Dawn!

    Thanks for checking in. Now I see my MBL widget works as well.

    Transitioning to WP is a work in progress! Glad you like it so far.

  5. Absolutely shame on Ohio! Good thing you're leaving that thoughtless and inconsiderate, poor excuse of a United State!

    My cousins briefly lived in NC and then moved back to So. California. They haven't been the same since. All they do is plot and plan their return. I think you're going to be very happy there (as soon as Gail warms up your bed on a regular basis, that is).

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