By sheer luck!


One of the things I loved about Princess Gail when we first met is that she is so handy!  She loves to do all the stuff I hate to do.  Not that I can’t, but I just don’t like to and would rather pay someone else to do it.  For example, she can paint a room in two seconds flat, she can drywall, repair furniture, do other carpentry stuff, plumbing, electric, not to mention all manner of outdoor man-work.  She likes to measure stuff and figure out how things work.  She likes to put stuff together.  She almost hates it when I do it instead.  And she looks like a model doing it!  My sheer luck!

So today, also in about two seconds flat, she installed these nice sheers on the dinette window.  The rod exactly matches the hardware on the light fixture.  They look elegant.  And she bought them on sale at Penney’s!

You go, PG!  I’ll stick to the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning!  (Actually, she does that very well, too.  So I just sit around all day and yell, “MEATLOAF!”  LOL)

10 thoughts on “By sheer luck!”

  1. Mike~

    Thanks, Mike! Yeah, she's pretty great!


    Good idea! I'll just sit around and watch her! It's not weird if we're married, right?

    ; )


    Yes, yes. I really, really am!

    You have a great week, too!

    Glad you survived the storms!

  2. Steve-o!

    Long time!

    Yeah, I miss our breakfasts, too.

    I'll give you a shout to catch up!


    Yes, I have it made, and I'm grateful every day!

  3. You do have it made…I've always admired people like Princess Gail. And the dinette window, well actually the whole room looks great.

    You are a lucky fellow…but then, I never doubted it…

    The last time I stopped by to visit, actually, after you wrote this post, my computer kept messing up, then I fought with it for days.

    But, as you can see, I won the battle, so it's nice to be back to reading your posts again.

    Have a great week-end Ferd.



  4. Ferd, I cannot believe I forgot to tell you again…I've had an award for you for some time. I'm terrible about letting people know, and then every time I tried to stop and tell you I was having computer problem.

    I don't know how many more blogger's are on my list that haven't a clue that they've been nominated. Anyway, here's the link:

    Congrats, you're the best~


  5. Annie~

    Glad you tried again! It's always great to "see" you!

    And you did tell me about the award already. I went to A Nice Place in the Sun and thanked you, remember?

    Or did I?…


    One of us is getting forgetful!

    What were we taking about?
    .-= Ferd´s last blog ..Labor (Day Weekend) of Love =-.

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