Berryvox Markers

My good eFriend, Kayla, aka Berryvox, has a passion for historical markers. It’s a cool passion! I found this marker at a rest stop along Hwy I-77 in southern Ohio on my way down to NC. This one is about blimps for god’s sake! It’s a crazy world!

(You can clic the pic to enlarge it.)

5 thoughts on “Berryvox Markers”

  1. LOL another parallel. I drive the 77 route too when going from Michigan to NC. It's a nice drive but cops are always out, I got a ticket once in Marietta, right before going over the bride. I haven't seen that particular sign, will have to look for it when I stop at rest stops.

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  2. Lainey~

    Yeah, I figured you go down the same road. I bet you've tried all the alternates, like 33 and 35 out of Columbus. They are more scenic, and maybe 20 to 30 minutes faster, but they are single lane at times, slow down in small towns, and could be a big delay with weather or accident. So I stick to the Ohio turnpike and I-77. Those roads are always reliable, except for the WVa mountains in the winter. That's the only place where I have to look ahead at the weather reports.

    The historical marker was at one of those dinky rest stops with BRs and a few vending machines. I don't usually stop at those, preferring the bigger places.

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