10 thoughts on “Autumn in western North Carolina”

    1. Hi, Deb!

      It's been way too long! I have been thinking of reconnecting, and you beat me to it!

      Thank you for your nice words.

      See you at your place! 🙂

  1. Gorgeous! Your home is beautiful! There's nothing quite like living in the countryside where the deer and the buffalo roam and neighbors are a long way off.

    1. Oh, Keli, I wish!!! We have been back to this "cabin" three times now, because it and the view are spectacularly gorgeous. I do hope to someday own my own cabin, ideally close by in Black Mountain, but it may or may not happen. Worse case scenario is that we'll be back here again, happy to rent this piece of heaven for a few days!

      Isn't VRBO.com great!?!

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