Uh-oh. Yesterday it was hot chocolate, Diet Coke and Mentos. Now it’s Scrabulous. These are fun things in my life that I’m grateful for, but they are bordering on addiction.

We play through facebook. Princess Gail and I probably play a game daily. We also play with any number of our facebook friends. So if you’re on facebook, add us as a friends, and we’ll challenge you to a game of Scrabulous.

If you notice, there is a little text box on the lower right hand side of the Scrabulous window. That’s so you can have some real time conversation with a friend who might be in another state, country or continent. But Gail and I are usually sitting right next to each other on the couch, watching TV and playing our game on our laptops. The other day, instead of just talking to me, she used the text box to tell me something about her day. I chatted back, “We used to talk. What happened to us?” Still, I’m glad we play. Gail is probably gladder, because she usually kicks my Scrabulous butt! Just a warning, don’t play her for money!

Hot Chocolate

This might be a pretty lame thing to be grateful for, but it is a daily joy for me, all year round. It can be 90 sweltering degrees outside, and you can count on me getting my daily fix.

I have a few small things like that in my life. I also look forward to my Diet Cokes and my Mentos (but not together!) Substitutes will not do. It’s a minor irritation at the restaurant when I ask for Diet Coke and the waitress asks, “Pepsi alright?” Even more so if I ask for lime with it and they ask, “Is lemon okay?” Yes, life can be hard sometimes.

So today, I’m grateful for all the little things that bring me moments of joy and pleasure. There are loads of them, if I just take the time to notice.

They love me!

As I wrote earlier this month, I love my son Kevin like no other man on the planet.
But he didn’t call me on my birthday yesterday. (I love him anyway for a million reasons.)

My three daughters did.

Megan is in town, and we had a lovely lunch together yesterday! Besides having her company during her work lunch hour, she gave me a good book to read, and my personal flavorites, chocolate covered raisins! Not just from anyplace, but from a special confectionary. She knows I am a chocolate covered raisins snob!

Ginny lives in Cincinnati, and Kelly in Scottsdale. They called me with good wishes and warmed my heart.

Every man should be so lucky!
I am truly blessed!!!

Back on the Bikes!

It is a pure and simple joy.
It’s a connection to childish play.
It’s the feeling of speed, and wind on my face.
It’s being outdoors, in sunny weather, or gentle rains.
It’s about energy, strength, and endurance.
It’s about solitude, or being with a group of like minded friends.
It’s something to do with our autistic son.
Sometimes it’s about the challenge.
Sometimes about charity.
Or just to relax and enjoy the world, and my good health.
This little machine means so much to me.
A pure and simple joy!

Kevin’s Graduation!

I am very proud!

Today, my baby boy graduated from the University of Dayton with double majors in International Business and Marketing, and a minor in Spanish. He did this while working a basically full time job, and playing as hard as he works. Kevin is any father’s dream son!

It seems like just yesterday that my little 7 year old Raiders fan with a missing front tooth was pulling in this fish. To this day, fishing is one of his passions. He recently wrote this paragraph as part of an application for an MBA program. It gives you a little idea of what he is like:

I have a great love of the outdoors, and I plan to be involved in the business side of things in some way after finishing my education. This will be either as a primary career, or as an important avocation. I particularly enjoy fishing. My friends and I have driven to Montana to fish for trout in pristine Rocky Mountain rivers, and to northern Canada for pike and walleye. I have fished with my grandmother off the side of the dock. I have fished in the Gulf of Mexico and have even caught a 6 foot shark. (Pictures available upon request!) This has brought me great pleasure in my life, and it will probably bring me much more as the years go by. That is why I intend to give something back. I plan to work or volunteer for a Not For Profit organization dealing with saving American rivers, such as “Trout Unlimited.” I dream of starting such an organization of my own some day.

Congratulations, Kevin!
I love you, my little Best Dude!