A very nice day with my parents!

Gail and I are back in Toledo for a few days, visiting our peoples. After a great breakfast with my parents this morning, we went to their favorite park, Sidecut Park in Maumee, Ohio. They showed us the trails they like to walk, where to find good views of the Maumee River, where to spot deer, and such.

Gail, of course, always with her eagle eye, did spot a few cool birds.

And right now, we are sitting here watching the opening game of the NFL. Life is good!

5 thoughts on “A very nice day with my parents!”

    1. Mike~
      You must know this area well! Actually, there are parts of the Erie canal in both Sidecut and Providence parks. The one in Providence Park has functioning locks and is a nice destination right along the Maumee River. I know you have part of the canal at Cuyahoga Park.

      1. Ferd that we do.I enjoyed my visit to the working locks and the ride inthe canal boat through the lock that we took on Mother’s day several years ago.We also had vbisited the Bataical gardens bought some minuture roses there as well. unfortunaly the roses no longer exisit. I doubt that we will ever be treking up that way again. it would be too long of a drive for Celestine.since I do not drive now.

  1. I love that picture of your mom straining to see over the handrail on the bridge — she’s so cute! But what’s with that handrail? It’s really tall. Is it a chest rail?

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