A Prothonotary Warbler and an American Bittern

This was a really good birding day! Early this morning we headed south with several members of our birding group to the Catawba College Ecological Preserve in Salisbury, NC. It was a pleasantly cool and sunny day, and the birds were active. The bird of the day was certainly the Prothonotary Warbler!

Prothonotary Warbler1

Prothonotary Warbler2

Prothonotary Warbler3

That’s a beautiful warbler, and we were treated to long, closeup views and to its typical song.

While we were there, we received word that another of our birders spotted an American Bittern at Reynolda Park back home in Winston. So when we got back, we had to check it out. It is a rare sighting in Forsyth County! He was difficult to spot as he blends perfectly into his surroundings. But we found him!

American Bittern at Reynolda

We had a lot of fun, and we got our 10,000 fitbit steps in at the same time! Life is good! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Pam! We love birding and we love hiking trails. They go perfectly together!
      Hope all’s well with you!

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