6 Things That Make Ferd Happy

I’m only doing this because I was tagged by the Queen herself. She just generically tagged everyone who participated in her recent BlogBlast for Peace. She could have at least mentioned the few of us by name! Anyway, I’ll do it, but I won’t be happy about it. Oh, wait… this meme is about being happy. The idea (and a cool award) came to Mimi from the Late Bloomer Boomer, Patti.

So okay. I’ll try.
Really, there are lots and lots of things that make me happy. Here are just 6:

A Clam Bake
and a Piece of Cake
Warm Fleece
and World Peace
A Glass of Ale
and a Piece of Gail!

Wow. That worked. I am happier now! ; )
I guess I’m not too upset that Mimi didn’t mention all 1,400+ bloggers by name. I forgive her. : )

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