Pinehurst golf

Gail and I just spent 3 spectacular days of golf in the Pinehurst, NC area! It is a beautiful part of the country, typified by its sand hills and southern pines. And it is famous for world class golf!!! We had a ball playing 3 of the 35 local courses. The heat index of 105-110 degrees didn’t stop us. I have to say Princess Gail is one tough babe. Five hours in that kind of heat for three days in a row is enough to melt anyone!

Here are a few of the pictures, and there is another bunch of them on facebook.

4 thoughts on “Pinehurst golf”

  1. I found your site from Sprite’s Keeper. I love it. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

  2. Kate!
    First comment from a newbie! Welcome!!! Gosh, I feel bad, I haven’t visited Jen in a long time. She runs a beautiful, fun site at Sprite’s Keeper, but I felt a little letchy at a site for young moms. I used to enjoy her Friday memes.
    Anyway, very glad you stopped by. I’ll stop by your site and get my daily dose of whatever you’re recommending!

  3. Right now, I’m stuck in my office, fielding calls and stupers. Oh your pix make me long to be on the course! And Pinehurst of all places! I miss the golf course! Looks like a pretty narrow fairway from your teebox.

    1. Keli~
      Work gets in the way, doesn’t it!?
      I hope you get out on the golf course soon!
      And if you and K are ever out this way, we can do some NC golf!
      That would be great!

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