Rhyme Time Spin~ or… Blogku

Jen at Sprite’s Keeper is at it again, enticing me with yet another spin! This time, we’re supposed to be poetic and rhyme, but I don’t wanna. Nya nya! I’m gonna do what I want! I’m gonna do some blogku (that’s blog + haiku for all you non-Mimi readers.) And “haiku” is a Japanese form of poetry that in English looks like 3 lines, the first and third having 5 syllables, and the second having 7 syllables.

I also feel compelled to leave a little link love for my favorite haiku writer, Daughter at The Daily Lifeku. Her stuff blows me away. Don’t tell her I sent you, though. I’m a lurker over there. But she did inspire my meager effort. Here goes:

My Dearest E-Friends:
I’m bleary eyed reading blogs.
Got to get some sleep!

Hey you, with the memes!
I don’t have time for this shit!
Alright. Just one more.

Macintosh zombies
Vista is killing the nerds
let’s go eat their dead

Did I hear you say
you want me to kiss your ass?
Oh no you dint! Bitch!

I have a variation on the last one that I actually like better:

Did I hear you say
you want me to kiss your ass?
My pleasure, Princess!

So there you have it. My first blogku. Thanks, Jen, for helping me tap into my creative side. Too bad it’s as sick as the other side!

My Awesome Things

San Diego Momma Deb is one of my absolutely favorite blog writers. Smart, quirky, touching, sometimes a little gross, sentimental, intelligent, very funny, and always really real. If I weren’t such a straight up guy (no eye rolling, please) I could turn stalker. But that would be weird, on account of my being generationally challenged (OKAY, I’m old!!!), and the fact that we are both happily married, to other people. Further, her husband is called The Rock, and with a name like that could probably kick my ass. So, lucky for the both of us, she lives on the other side of the country. But despite the age difference, our different stages of life, her living on a different planet (California) and all that, I relate to so much of what she writes. SHE is awesome! I’m guessing you would think so, too.

This is like a meme. Deb did this as part of her Prompt Tuesday. Prompt Tuesday is usually a writing exercise. She gives the topic, and you get ten minutes to write off the top of your head. But not this one. This assignment is just to list my awesome things. You know, the stuff in my life that I think are, well… awesome!

Of course, the most awesome things are really not things. They are the people in my life. But this is not about that. This is about awesome things.

In no particular order:

My CharBroil grill. This makes me a real man, right?

My Toshiba 42 inch HDTV. For my potato moments.

My Trek road bike. For my non-potato moments, which I prefer!

My Panasonic leather massage chair. Originally bought for Eric (our autistic son) so he could chill. But I use it way more than he does!

My little Honda Civic. Leather, sunroof, heated seats, 37 MPG. Mmm!

My MacBook. The door to blogworld and all of you! : )

My iPhone. Can you tell I’m a Mac zombie?

My Nordic Track C2300 treadmill. Long, long winters in Toledo, but… “nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on movin’ …

My Epocrates and Pandora iPhone apps. One for the left brain, one for the right.

I hope you enjoyed this short list of Ferd’s Awesome Things!
How ‘bout yours?

Connection Resolution

I’m feeling bittersweet, mixed feelings. I don’t know what is stronger: excitement, anxiety, my sense of adventure looking forward to what’s new, or my sadness at what I am leaving behind. It is all very real as I am preparing to start my new life in North Carolina in a few days. There are numerous blessings to count regarding this move. It is a very good thing. Yet I am leaving the safety and security of family and friends, and the vague comfort of the known and familiar. I want it all. I want to embrace what the Universe is providing for me right now, and I want to hold on to what I already have. To a large degree, I know that is not possible.

I can’t be in two places at the same time. I can’t live in the past and in the present.

But there are some things I can do. The easy thing is to hold on to thoughts and memories, but that doesn’t count for much. The better thing is to actively hold on to the connections that are valuable to me.

My resolution is to keep in daily contact with the important people in my life. No excuses. It is too easy now, with texting, email, speed dial, voice mail, planes, trains, and automobiles. In the past, I have not done that. Days and sometimes weeks can go by that I don’t talk to my adult children, or my parents. I know life is busy, but I am taking the “no excuses” idea seriously. In fact, I’m adding to my resolution right now:
My resolution is to keep in daily contact with the important people in my life, no excuses!

It makes me feel better about leaving, knowing that my connections with family and friends can remain fresh and alive. Maybe, just maybe, they can even improve!

I was going to write this anyway, because I wanted to make it more real. But I will thank Jen at Sprite’s Keeper for giving me a deadline. I’ll make this part of her current spin, about resolutions.

Spin Cycle – The Junk Drawer Blog, My Secret Santa Gift!

I am an occasional spinner for the “Spin Cycle,” which Jen hosts at Sprite’s Keeper. The current spin is a form of “Secret Santa” in the sense that the writers did not know exactly what the gift was going to be. We provided a list of our favorite blog people, and Jen picked one of them for us. She also gave us our present, which is to write a “send up” of this person and why we like him/her so much. I love the concept of this bloggy Secret Santa! And I love my present! The Junk Drawer! I would now like to share it with everyone. Let me unwrap it for you!

Everyone, I think, has a junk drawer. But I have yet to see one as funny, cute, creative, and sometimes even gross, as Kathy Frederick’s Junk Drawer. Kathy opens the drawer, or is it her heart and soul, to generously share its contents with us all. She has been described as “an open book.” That’s a huge reason why I like her so much. She opens the drawer wide, to see everything inside, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thing is, the bad is cute, the ugly is hilarious, and it’s all good!!! : )

I “met” Kathy in February 2008. I wish I could remember how I found her site, but I’m grateful for the day. She wrote a post, “How well do you know Kathy?” There were ten questions about herself and her life that I thought only a friend would know. What caught my eye was that I was the 29th commenter, and many of them knew the answers! I guessed at random, scoring a pathetic 10% correct. But she let me down easy, giving me “an A for effort!” Classic Kathy. There would eventually be 42 commenters on this post, but believe me, that’s nothing for her! She gets more comments than anyone I know. Eighty plus is about average! What does that say about her, huh? How does she do that!?!

So I went back a few days later. I learned about her bacon addiction, and was impressed and amused by the degree of craziness in her brain, in a good way!
And then, right after that, came the post that got me, hook, line, sinker, and pole! The interview with Remy!
I remember starting with a smile, then a chuckle, then a LOL, and finally a downright LMAO!!! I gave her my first blog prize. You’ll have to click on the link and read the comments to find out what I gave her! And that brings me to the next point. The comments are part of what makes this community so special. They can be as funny as the post itself. What a great group of bloggers!

If I haven’t yet convinced you of her cuteness, then you might consider her butt! She blogged very nicely about it on “Excuse Me, but That’s Not a Table.” I still laugh at the mere thought!

Kathy likes audience participation games, too. Often it has to do with food that looks like stuff.
Sometimes you get to guess. Sometimes you are just in awe at her ability to see art in stuff you might throw away, like cat litter. Sometimes you have to guess when a plastic bag that is stuck in a tree outside her office window is going to come down. You know, important stuff like that! It ain’t easy! We’re going on 275 days, but who’s counting?

Yep, she’s unique, one of a kind, a spacial lady! She makes me laugh. And she’s humble about it. In fact, she doesn’t know if people are laughing with her, or at her. (Kathy, I’m sure I speak for all of your fans when I say we are laughing at you. No!… Wait!… I mean with you! Oops, geesh, sorry…. slip of the tongue! Well, anyway, it’s one of the two, I don’t know! ) ; )

Kathy is not new to this sort of attention. In fact, she was recently interviewed in another blog. It’s old news, but good news, and we can’t get enough good news, right?! Right!! Read it here.

I consider Kathy one of my dearest blog friends. I’m certain that all of her readers feel the same way. She’s like that. She has a magnetic personality, full of genuine warmth, kindness, humor, and insanity, all the stuff I value. She is a bloggy Pied Piper! She plays a funky tune on her blog flute, and we willingly follow! Way to play, babay!!

Check her out!!! (You can start with the ass table!)
; )

Kathy, you’re the salt of the earth!

We heart you!!!

: )