First Backyard Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Despite the blizzard conditions up north this year, we had not had a flake of snow until today. We are having a few flakes now. Cold weather and snow bring the birds out to our feeders. Among our many visitors today, of 21 species, we saw our first backyard Ruby-crowned Kinglet!

Not the sharpest picture, but the one that shows the ruby crown best:


Eastern Bluebirds:


A Carolina Chickadee, a Brown-headed Nuthatch, and the Ruby-crowned Kinglet:


The Nuthatch and the Kinglet:


A Downy Woodpecker:


From the top down, an Eastern Bluebird, a Dark-eyed Junco, a Pine Warbler, and a Carolina Wren:


Great bird-time at our house today! 😀

Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole is an uncommon visitor to Forsyth County, NC. So we are always excited to see one. This is our first sighting of this beautiful bird in our neighborhood. I spotted the flash of orange early this morning while going out to get the morning newspaper. I had to wake Gail up to share the experience! The Oriole was perched at the very top of a majestic White Oak. He posed long enough for a few pictures, somewhat blurry because of the distance, but clear enough for confirmation. How fun! :-)

Baltimore Oriole 1

Baltimore Oriole 2


This week marks the first time the Dickcissel has ever been spotted in our home county, Forsyth County, North Carolina! Princess Gail and I were lucky enough to still find it this afternoon, several days after the initial spotting, thanks to Craig McCleary of our Audubon group.

Here are some of Gail’s pictures from this afternoon:

Dickcissel 1 Dickcissel 2 Dickcissel 6 Dickcissel 7 Dickcissel 3 Dickcissel 4 Dickcissel 5