2nd Round Madness


Well, an exciting round 2, and I’m shocked I’m still on the board. #7 out of 20.

I am still in a suspended state of disbelief that Wake Forest lost in round 1. I can’t accept the humiliating way that turned out. When I get back to Winston-Salem, I might just have to stop at Wake and slap those girls around a little bit. Damn!

Without 2 teams in the final four, I will continue to gradually fade away. But I have good reason to still be excited. Carolina and Duke are still in it!

BTW, the solid leader in The Crotte Family Hoops Pool is my niece, Charlotte. She’s my brother Ed’s daughter, and a Michigan State graduate, and she is a tough competitor! I don’t really mean it, but “Go, Charlotte!”  ; )

Round One Madness!!

Thrilling and agonizing! This may be as good as it gets for me, #2 out of 20 in The Crotte Family Hoops Pool as of the end of the first round! You’d think I’m on a roll, but my most important pick LOST in the first round!!! Arrrggghhh!!!

My home team!! The Deamon Deacons are out! Ouch!!! I had picked Wake Forest to play my other fav team, Carolina, from just down the road (Hwy 40), in the finals, and to win it all!! And now they’re out!! In my heart, I thought Carolina was the better pick, but how can you not support your hometown team?!?

Join the Crotte Family Hoops Pool!

Aren’t you crazy about March Madness!?!
Join us in the Crotte Family Hoops Pool! It’s just for bragging rights. No money involved. Just fun!
You have until tomorrow morning to set up your brackets. You need a Yahoo account, but who doesn’t have one?!

Crotte Family Hoops Pool

Visiting Kelly in AZ

kelly-and-me  Gail and I will be visiting Kelly in AZ next week, and I’ll be attending a medical conference, too, which helps pay for the trip!  (A nice perk of my job!) It’s always great to see Kelly because, living in AZ, our visits are few and far between. I miss my baby girl! Not really a baby, though. She is a beautiful, intelligent, creative, 24 year old young woman. I am very proud!

I’m going to miss one of my favorite singers by just a few days. Michelle Branch is doing a gig in Tempe, where Kelly lives, four days before we get there. Bummer! But I just bought tickets so Kelly and her boyfriend could go. Maybe she’ll take some pix. — Let’s see if I can figure out how to add some YouTube video…

Okay, this is a video of a young, teenage Michelle Branch before making “Everywhere” her first pop hit on the “Spirit Room” CD in 2001. Writing, singing, solo performing, is not easy. She’s the real deal.

Very nice!

Now here’s the piece that probably did the most to make her famous. Carlos Santana recognized her talent and showcased “The Game of Love” on his “Shaman” CD.



Finally, a mature performer, with her own unique styling, and an artistically produced video of “Are You Happy Now” from her second CD, “Hotel Paper.”


She’s an AZ native, but now lives in Nashville. Her latest stuff is a bit countrified, but not much. I hope for more from “The Wreckers.”

Okay, that’s all I have to say about Michelle Branch, and it was a good excuse for me to learn how to embed YouTube video on my new WP blog.  How’d I do?